Dustin Benge - September 12, 2021 (Sunday Evening).
Biblical meditation - filling our hearts and minds with the truth of the glories of God (Philippians 4:1-8:20)

Duncan Pomeroy - August 22, 2021 (Sunday Morning).
Reasons for finding good in contrary providence (Philippians 1:12-30)

Dafydd Williams - September 20, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
True contentment only found in knowing Christ (Philippians 4:10-13)

Mike Matthews - December 8, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
The Christian lives for God's glory, while looking forward to the physical resurrection (Philippians 3:1-20)

Geoff Thomas - July 7, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Jesus Christ - the only answer to life's ultimate question of time, eternity and what we're living for (Philippians 1:1-21)

Norman Rees - April 7, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
In all life's problems, remember the Lord is at hand and in control (Philippians 4:1-10)

Mark Thomas - October 14, 2018 (Sunday Evening).
Christian witness in a pagan world - an identity and lifestyle (Philippians 1:1-30)

Reuben Saywell - August 5, 2018 (Sunday Evening).
Jesus's lesson in humility & service - not an add-on, but essential (Philippians 2:1-11)

Geoff Thomas - May 27, 2018 (Sunday Morning).
We have a heavenly Father who cares for all our needs (Philippians 4:6-9)

Norman Rees - May 13, 2018 (Sunday Morning).
As citizens of heaven are we living as salt and light in this present evil world? (Philippians 3:1)

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