Dustin Benge - May 16, 2021 (Sunday Morning).
Christ died and rose again in my place - no now condemnation! (John 19:28)

Dustin Benge - April 18, 2021 (Sunday Morning).
The purpose of the transfiguration: to see the hope of glory beyond the suffering that will surely come (Mark 9:2-50)

Dustin Benge - April 4, 2021 (Sunday Morning).
Three resurrection truths that affect all Mankind (Mark 16:1-20)

Dustin Benge - March 21, 2021 (Sunday Morning).
God's certain gospel plan (Mark 14:1-16)

Dustin Benge - February 21, 2021 (Sunday Morning).
Jesus: fully available; accessible; interruptable (Luke 8:41-56)

Dustin Benge - February 7, 2021 (Sunday Morning).
Jesus is sufficient for all our needs (Matthew 14:13-21)

Dustin Benge - Unknown Date (Sunday Morning).
At Easter, the ultimate question is: who killed Jesus, and why? (Mark 15:33-41)

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